Fixed Wireless: Internet Access Meets the Needs of Small and Medium- Sized Businesses

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Small businesses are facing a challenging economic climate and cost cutting is becoming an important priority. But can there be savings in connectivity solutions without sacrificing connection to customers and employee productivity? Fixed wireless internet access (FWA) services offer unlimited data plans, as well as less expensive plans with data caps that can be sufficient for business uses. FWA services also include customer premise equipment that can support numerous devices and employees. Routers integrate Wi-Fi 6 technology, allowing the business to connect 50 or more devices simultaneously. Employees can stay connected along with point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, and other business critical devices and services. As the business grows and its needs evolve, the network and router can transition to support more advanced digital services, providing a future-proof scenario for growth. See why businesses are saying FWA is a viable, cost-saving solution to broadband.


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