Deliver Salesforce Updates Fasterby Tackling the #1 Bottleneck in the Software Delivery Process

Salesforce gives enterprises the ability to change fast – from streamlining operations to providing a foundation for entirely new digital customer experiences. But delivering those changes to the business just as fast, without introducing risk, requires a sound quality strategy. With three releases a year, a highly customizable platform, a set of tools that makes it easy to develop your own Salesforce applications, and myriad integration options, there are many points of failure to consider. The following white paper shares best practices for building a modern testing strategy that will accelerate the delivery of Salesforce updates.Read the white paper to learn: How to address the #1 challenge in the Salesforce delivery process How to align Salesforce testing with a strategy that spans the enterprise application stack How to enable Salesforce admins and business analysts to break delivery bottlenecks


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