Catastrophic Failure Saved In 4000hp Compressor And Motor For One Of The Largest Oil & Gas Company Through Automated Predictive Maintenance

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AI based Fault Detection in a leading Oil & Gas Company through Automated Predictive
With the rising demand for efficiency and quality in production and manufacturing operations, unplanned
downtime causes delays and customer-loss for the organizations, thereby hitting their bottom line. Every
industry has its own set of challenges when it comes to maintaining its assets. In the oil and gas sector,
the challenges are even more complicated. Companies are battling the need to increase production while
lowering operational costs with improved worker safety. With diverse and complex equipment sets often
placed in hard-to-reach, remote locations, the challenge of frequent monitoring is a huge.
The case study focuses on how Nanoprecise helped the maintenance & reliability managers of one of the
largest Oil & Gas company to prevent a catastrophic failure in a 4000 hp Compressor and Motor for
through AI-based Automated Predictive Maintenance System.
through AI-based Automated Predictive Maintenance System.
Value Creation for Oil & Gas Sector:
Reduction or near elimination of unscheduled equipment downtime caused by equipment or
system failure;
Increased labor utilization;
Increased production capacity;
Reduced maintenance costs;
Increased equipment lifespan


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