Building a Data Lakehouse on Google Cloud Platform

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For over a decade, the technology industry has searched for optimal ways to store and analyze vast amounts of data. A new architecture choice has emerged: the data lakehouse, which combines the key benefits of data lakes and data warehouses that offers a low-cost storage format that is accessible by various processing engines like Spark while also providing powerful management and optimization features. Google Cloud offers the products and services required to accelerate your data lake modernization initiative for ETL, data processing, data science and ML use cases. This whitepaper provides in-depth guidance on ingesting, storing, analyzing data in a seamless fashion:
• Simplifying data management
• Incorporating AI and machine learning
• Speeding up analytics
• Improving security and governance
• Lowering the total cost of ownership Read the whitepaper and discover why migrating your data lakes to Google Cloud can better serve your current and future data and analytics needs.


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