Bowman Set To Disrupt Bearing Industry By Producing Bearings Using HP Multi Jet Fusion and HP 3D HR PA 11

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Bowman International offers a range of bearings and sintered parts for applications across all industries, from smaller projects that require standard-size bearings to large, complex projects that call for bearings of different sizes. Bowman can also produce one-off bearings for specific projects to help manufacturers meet their individual production needs. Bowman’s adoption of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and HP 3D HR PA 11 material has enabled production of a new industry-leading range of higher-performance bearings. The newly designed split roller bearing now features 3D printed bearing cages that not only increase the radial load capacities by 70%, but also increase axial load by 1,000%, and 3D printed seals offer better wear properties and enhanced ease of use.


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