Agree better with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

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It’s time to agree better. Digital technology is disrupting every industry and resetting customer expectations. Today, customers want—and increasingly expect to have— the ability to conduct business with the speed, convenience, and simplicity of ondemand digital services like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber. Traditional organisations are investing heavily in the digital transformation of core business processes to increase employee productivity, improve business agility, and build customer loyalty. But, in the race to secure their digital future, many organisations overlook one-fundamental business process that remains painfully stuck in the past: the agreement process. Agreements are critical to doing business, but the way they are prepared, signed, acted on, and managed is still highly manual and disconnected. While organisations that have adopted electronic signature technology are ahead of the curve in accelerating the agreement process, there are many steps before and after the signature that cause needless errors, delays, and frustrations. Now, thanks to new digital technologies for automating and connecting the entire agreement process, organisations can get business done faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for everyone involved. Get to know the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.


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