5 Tips For Creating An Engaging Virtual Worship Experience

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With professional audiovisual equipment available at affordable prices, many houses of worship are using technology to reimagine how they deliver a worship service. Here’s how to provide the best experience for your congregation.
select high-quality audio equipment With worship services, the congregation must clearly hear the speaker’s words to feel engaged with the service. Instead of defaulting to using the audio while recording on a mobile device or computer, invest in high-quality audio equipment, like Panasonic’s new 1.9GHz digital wireless microphone system.
offer a virtual option for at-home worshppers As houses of worship return to in-person services, many worship leaders expect some members to continue worshipping virtually. While a webcam or mobile device works as a short-term solution, worshippers now expect a professional and clear audiovisual feed. By using a 4K or HD professional camera, viewers almost feel as if they are sitting in the pew.


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