What Is The Patient Journey?

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“Just Do It.
You don’t have to be told where this slogan came from. Nike has built such a strong, consistent brand that 97% of the
population can easily associate their swoosh logo with their brand. Similarly 92% of the population identifies the
golden arches with McDonalds and the cursive “CocoCola” logo with the dark, sweet soft drink.
A consistent brand narrative fosters awareness, builds rapport, and over time encourages action, eventually resulting
in lifelong, loyal customers who refer their friends and family.
For healthcare practices, implementing a consistent brand across the lead-to-patient journey means influencing every
action that a consumer takes when researching, locating, engaging with, booking, and experiencing your healthcare
services. As a healthcare professional, you steer this process by driving consistent branding and communications
along the entire patient journey.”


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