The New Customer Engagement Model

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The rules of marketing and customer engagement continue to change — especially in light of consumer privacy regulations like the CCPA and GDPR. Consumers now expect privacy-oriented communications from all brands. Fail to adjust to their privacy preferences, and you’ll undoubtedly see a negative impact on your bottom line. Simply put, this next evolution means all businesses need a new customer engagement model — one that abides by consumer concerns regarding data collection and usage, but also enables them to deliver relevant, real-time, personalized messaging to opted-in prospects and buyers. Download this complimentary eBook, “The New Customer Engagement Model: How to Transform Customer Relationships and Drive Growth in the Privacy-First Era,” to discover what you and your organization must do today to thrive in the increasingly privacy-conscious consumer landscape.
In this eBook, you’ll learn:
    • The downsides of legacy technologies and why they fail to understand customer consent preferences across channels
    •  How to modernize your technology stack to achieve a unified customer view designed for marketing in the consumer privacy era
    • Why ‘identity’ is the core of the new customer engagement model to improve your customer experience efforts
    • How to incorporate authentication, consent, and value exchange into your customer experience Fill out the form today to download your free copy and get well on your way to implementing the new customer engagement model for your brand.


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