The Human Experience Roadmap

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Forsta’s Human Experience (HX) Roadmap is designed to help you understand customers from all angles. With Forsta’s Human Experience roadmap, leaders and decision-makers get the best of both quantitative data and qualitative feedback to deliver best-in-class experiences and grow the business. Contact Forsta to see where your organization is along the roadmap.
• Observe: Gather observational and behavioral data from multiple sources
• Convene: Capture experiences, attitudes of your customers from surveys, focus groups and other methods
• Empathize: Understand the emotion that drive human behavior. Without this analysis deeper insights may remain hidden
• Connect: Integrate both qualitative and quantitative insights
• Predict: Build models to support strategic planning
• Inspire: Display insights that engage stakeholders and inspire action
• Act: Take action to improve customer and employee experiences


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