The 2023 Attack Resistance Report

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Understanding where the critical flaws lie within your organization’s attack surface is critical—but complicated. After all, your attack surface includes not only your own infrastructure, software, apps, and devices but also the extended supply chain. Digital transformation, rapid cloud adoption, the shift to work-from-anywhere, and IoT initiatives further muddy the waters. The result? A growing attack resistance gap: The space between what organizations can defend and what they need to defend. Read this Attack Resistance Report to learn how to close that gap with comprehensive attack resistance management.. Comprehensive digital transformation across enterprises, the rise in cloud adoption, the normalization of working from anywhere, and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives have resulted in an explosion of new applications, along with an increased rate of iterations and updates. In January 2023, HackerOne surveyed 800+ company IT executives across American and European organizations to understand the impact of this rapidly changing application landscape on an organization’s readiness to defend against cyberattacks.


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