Reprogramming the Bank to Shift Gears on Digital in 2022: See proven Insights with Real-World Strategies.

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“With banks committing to disrupting their business models, the ability to create new products faster, bring them to market at scale, and maximize their ROI becomes a key competitive advantage.
Drawing from our experience in working with banks including ING, Crédit Agricole, and Société Générale, we present a series of e books on future-ready banking.
In our first e-book, you will discover the following:
• Setting the foundation to accelerate digital initiatives: Focusing on the organization, technology, productization platform, and banking products.
• How implementation teams can achieve real-world success: Strategies for implementation, overcoming legacy core in rapid product development, critical skills, cloud computing, using AI for scale, low-code and no-code in banking innovation, ensuring resilience, and regulatory compliance and measuring ROI.
• Digitization vs. digitalization vs. digital transformation: Punching through to genuine transformation to stay ahead of the competition.”


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