KPIs for corporate learning platforms

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Discover the KPIs that drive upskilling success How do you judge the success of an enterprise learning platform? If you focus on how many people use it, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Just because employees are consuming educational content doesn’t automatically mean that you’re getting a meaningful return on your investments. But when you use growth focused KPIs, you can track efficiency gains and process improvements that drive results. You can also help improve adoption and the overall success of upskilling programs across your entire enterprise. Read KPIs that matter most when it comes to corporate learning platforms to learn: What traditional learning KPIs miss, and why metrics such as completion rates, and time spent tell only part of the story How your employees can help you identify the key skills and KPIs your business needs to succeed Ways to put your learning KPIs to work to drive sustainable success across your organization Find out how the right KPIs can help you identify and develop the skills your organization needs to prepare for the future.


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