Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Okta Special Edition

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What is IDaaS? Identity as a Service, or IDaaS is cloud-based authentication built and operated by a third-party provider. IDaaS companies supply cloud-based authentication or identity management to enterprises who subscribe. Applications IDaaS can be used for a number of different applications. Adaptive multi-factor authentication is one such use. This is a feature where users submit multiple factors to gain entry to the network—thus increasing security over singlefactor authentication—and access is granted dynamically, depending on how much risk users present. Benefits A chief advantage of IDaaS is savings. Provisioning identity on site, with software such as Active Directory Domain Services, can be full of costs. Your team has to keep up servers; purchase, upgrade, and install software; back up data regularly; pay hosting fees; monitor the additional turf on premises for network security; set up VPNs; and much more. With IDaaS, costs drop to the subscription fee and the administration work. IDaaS is the future Fundamentally, the cloud offers savings, efficiency, and expertise. Like network security monitoring or email search, identity can be moved to the cloud.


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