HP Wolf Security: Blurred Lines And Blindspots

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“HP Wolf Securityis the company’s newly integrated portfolio of hardware, software, and services designed for this
new normal. In this HP Wolf Security report, we provide a multi-dimensional view of the security issues at play. We
combine fi ndings from a global YouGov online survey of 8,443 offi ce workers who have shifted to working from
home during the pandemic with a global survey of 1,100 IT decision makers (ITDMs), to gain both sides of the story.
The data is further enriched with real-world threat telemetry from HP Sure Click virtual machines (VMs) – which
illustrates these risks – along with analysis from leading analyst firm KuppingerCole providing the global context.
Examining the issue through these different lenses, this HP Wolf Security report will discuss:
1. How the world has changed with the emergence of the ‘new office’
2. The impact the pandemic has had on user attitudes and behaviors
3. The pressure this is putting on our cybersecurity defenders as new risks emerge
4. Why a new breed of endpoint security, such as HP Wolf Security, is needed to defend against modern threats”


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