How to Equip Your Business for Resilience in Uncertain Times

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Over the past few years, the intricate connections that form supply chain networks have been disrupted in
unprecedented ways. Recovery — whatever that looks like — will take time. The global pandemic, trade wars, and
labor shortages have compounded risks and impacts that businesses will feel for months to come.
It’s been, and will be, a long haul. To position your business for success in the midst of continuing turbulence, your
company must invest in sustainable, structural change.
Our eBook provides procurement and supply management leaders with five core strategies — grounded in proven procurement best practices — for protecting their businesses and managing through longer-term supply chain disruption. What’s inside:
1. How to better understand current industry landscapes and supplier tiers
2. Why change and risk are not always negative factors
3. How data and analytics can improve supply network visibility and resilience


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