G2 REPORT WINTER 2023 Top Media Monitoring Software

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So your PR and or marketing team has decided that ad-hoc searching for where and when you have been mentioned in the news and on social media just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Good on you! Now its time to explore the wide, wonderful world of media monitoring. Your days of stumbling in the dark, guessing which Google trends and keywords to set alerts for, searching natively on social channels for influencers, and learning about competitor coverage when everyone else does are over.
How a product qualifies for inclusion in the G2 Media Monitoring category:
– Track various online media channels
– Allow users to target specific keywords, mentions, or topics and customize feeds to their liking
– Provide users with relevant updates and alerts based on selected feeds
– Collect and store links to relevant mentions and/ or posts for future reference
– Analyze findings with reporting features such as number and frequency of specific posts, impact on company, etc.


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