Detection of a Bearing Outer Race Failure saves 32 hours of Downtime

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Prevention of 32-hour Downtime in a leading Chemical Manufacturing Company with Machine Doctor The chemical manufacturing industry is one of the most important industries for any country, Therefore, unplanned downtime is an expensive affair for the chemical industry as it can have dire consequences for
worker safety, product quality and bottom line of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to combat
unplanned downtime by predicting the faults in advance, so as to prevent financial losses and improve
worker safety & product quality, thus fuelling economic development.
The case study focuses on how Nanoprecise helped the maintenance & reliability managers of one of the
largest chemical manufacturing companies to prevent downtime of 32 hours, by predicting a stage 3
fault through an Automated AI-based Predictive Maintenance System.
Value Creation for Chemical Sector:
Reduction or near elimination of unscheduled equipment downtime caused by equipment or
system failure
Increased labour utilization, production capacity & equipment lifespan
Robust ATEX / IECEX Zone 0 Hardware Solution
Reduced maintenance costs
Simple Plug, Play & Give Peace of Mind”


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