Design Through Analysis: Analyst need more Robust, Efficient, Flexible Tools to Support Simulation-Driven Product Development

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The transition to a smart, automated approach to product development and manufacturing—to develop higher quality, more innovative products faster and more cost-effectively in response to competitive pressures— affects everyone in product development, but may have the biggest impact on the role of analysts. As manufacturers pursue strategies that emphasize increased innovation, automation, and throughput across their product development and manufacturing organizations, analysts are being asked to take on additional roles beyond final design validation and evaluation of product performance issues, and become more directly involved in simulation-driven product development. In today’s changing product development environment, analysts need to be able to perform a greater number of complex simulations earlier in the product development process and collaborate more frequently and effectively with design, engineering, and manufacturing personnel. What analysts need to fulfill these added functions and execute their work more effectively are more powerful, efficient, and flexible simulation tools. This paper explores the changing role of design analysts, the new challenges that they face, and how 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Simulation from Dassault Systèmes can help analysts succeed in meeting these emerging responsibilities.


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