Data Protection as a Service for 2022

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Leveraging an effective and efficient BaaS / DRaaS service can relieve your organization’s IT team from the daily management of backup tasks and assuring a significantly higher likelihood of being able to recover when you need it most. One of the best ways to ensure that your IT team isn’t bogged down by all the small things is to enable a solution that offers a wide breadth of services. Most IT professionals don’t hate backups — they hate the operational burden of managing and maintaining backup systems. They want a solution that just works.  1,050 organizations that currently or plan to use cloud-powered data protection services were surveyed to understand the drivers and considerations to using BaaS and DRaaS today and what role service providers play to support.
• 77% of organizations expect to use the cloud as part of their data protection strategy by 2023.
• 46% of organizations looking for BaaS are seeking cloud-hosted backup server services.
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