CITY Furniture Drives Revenue With Seamless In-Store and Digital Experiences

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CITY Furniture’s story begins in 1971 with one product and one promise — provide quality waterbeds with customer service that always goes the extra mile. The CITY Furniture, then known as Waterbed City, team was hard at work building waterbeds at night and selling them during the day. Justin Roisman, Managing Director of Digital Marketing at CITY Furniture describes how the brand continued to transform when they rebranded from Waterbed City to CITY Furniture in the 90’s in an evolution fuelled by customer needs. More than 50 years later, the same entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to authentic quality embodies the CITY Furniture brand — no shortcuts. Now, the CITY Furniture team creates new lifestyle designs in showrooms across Florida that showcase each product in detail. Their diverse, customised full-service showrooms create experiences for shoppers that capture these different lifestyle trends, from Mid-Century to Farmhouse to Miami Modern. Each showroom merges design with regional identity to feature the exact products that each customer in those regions will want to see. They’re customised to each audience from the designs to the cafes and wine bars, with unmatched quality and service in each showroom.


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