Align Salesforce with Your Enterprise Quality Strategy to Deliver Safer, Faster Updates

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Salesforce gives enterprises the ability to change fast – from streamlining operations to providing a foundation for entirely new digital customer experiences. With three releases a year, a highly customizable platform, and a set of tools that makes it easy to develop your own Salesforce applications, delivering value fast is what Salesforce is all about. But the speed and ease with which users can make changes is a double-edged sword. While business users aren’t going to break Salesforce by making changes in production, they could easily break the customizations and new features your teams have built–which can both interrupt your ability to do business and introduce defects into customer-facing software that connects to Salesforce. It’s safer to build features in a development environment, test them in a test environment, and then push them into production. But the safe way of doing things slows down new feature delivery. If delivering value fast is what it’s all about, that’s a problem. This white paper outlines four strategies that can help you both achieve this alignment and tackle the unique challenges associated with delivering Salesforce innovation.


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