3 Proven Ways to Fix the Disconnects in Today’s Multi Channel Shopping Journey

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“Speaker: Richard Beckett, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sophos
70% of organizations have had a public cloud security event in 2020 — and we know that number continues to rise. That’s because attackers are zeroing in on public cloud resource misconfigurations.
As more and more data and resources are migrated to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google, it’s harder for IT pros to keep pace, much to the delight of attackers worldwide.
This webinar looks at the ten steps needed to ensure cloud security success in the coming year. Our own Rich Beckett will be on hand to discuss how operationalizing your cloud security approach and adding the right security tools and expertise will help you reduce security risk, increase cloud security posture, and improve the efficiency of internal security teams and programs.
You’ll walk away with a better understanding of:
•The shifting strategies attackers rely on to target organizations in the public cloud
•The shared security responsibility model needed for optimal success
•Why modern organizations are blending automated protection and managed services to achieve the best security outcomes


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