The Next CIO: How Enterprise Technology Management Powers Autonomous IT

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This best seller by Vince Vasquez, based on interviews with more than a dozen progressive CIOs, offers valuable insights…
• How to manage the broad portfolio of enterprise technology required to run the business?
• How to improve the efficiency and security while also lowering the cost of running management processes that operate across enterprise technology silos?
• How to find budget to fund disruptive technology initiatives like digital transformation?
The Next CIO contends that ETM (Enterprise Technology Management) provides the “plan-to-EOL” that enabling CIOs to define in software the means to automate and continuously optimize the end-to-end processes that derive value from the entire IT estate throughout the technology lifecycle – delivering operational efficiencies and business observability on the journey to powering autonomous IT.  Enjoy this Abridged Edition – compliments of Oomnitza.


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