The Deskless Report

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Nudge surveyed 865 deskless workers and 300 deskless leaders, and collected data from Nudge’s 55,000 frontline users, to answer a question: “What’s the state of the deskless workforce?”
Here’s a glimpse at what we found:
• 36% of deskless workers currently want to quit their jobs
• Turnover is the #1 challenge facing deskless leaders right now
• 59% of workers say the communications they receive are somewhat or not at all useful
• 39% of workers don’t feel heard by their organization
In exploring the viewpoints of both workers and leaders, this report delves into the disconnect between them – the gaps between what workers want and what head office is providing. In this report, we’re looking at who deskless workers are, and what they desperately need in order to do their jobs. But we’re also looking at the role of the deskless leader: what keeps them up at night, how they’re prioritizing the employee experience, and what they’re investing in next year and beyond.
Download the full report to learn:
• What motivates deskless workers to be productive and engaged
• The number one challenge facing leaders right now
• The biggest challenges leaders face when communicating with their workforce
• The state of deskless worker communication
• The state of deskless worker feedback


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