The Definitive Guide To End User Computing

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A Hybrid and Multicloud Approach to Virtual Desktops and Applications Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has taken on a vital new role in ensuring business continuity and end user productivity, come what may. But it’s crucial to select the right infrastructure and architecture if your application and desktop virtualization project is going to deliver. A scalable, secure, highly available, and high performance infrastructure design will serve you well through every phase of your EUC project. There are several key decision points to consider when building your VDI solution. In this eBook, you’ll find out how to: Develop an architecture that offers a predictable cost, performance, and capacity scaling model Choose among a traditional on-prem broker, cloud broker, or hybrid deployment Understand the use cases for on-prem versus hybrid cloud deployments Accurately estimate storage requirements of your VDI solution without overprovisioning Effectively size the compute layer of the design for high performance.


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