Modernize Compute for an AI-driven Future with Dell Servers and NVIDIA

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The continued evolution and adoption of AI applications is putting pressure on IT. They recognize that force fitting legacy hardware with an advanced component like a powerful GPU is simply not enough to satisfy all workload and stakeholder requirements. And this scenario is pushing IT to look to a modern compute platform that can better enable organizations to democratize and scale AI.
turning to AI to provide more predictive insights into future scenarios/outcomes or developing AI-based products and services to capture new revenue opportunities, businesses are continuing to emphasize the importance of AI adoption as a game-changer for modern businesses. As organizations continue to rely on specialized infrastructure to power their AI workloads, rising costs and longer time-to-value are driving organizations to look for a holistic AI strategy based on standardized components like optimized servers and GPUs. Simply put, organizations want smarter, faster, and more costeffective ways to gain value from their data with AI.


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