Lower Costs and Drive Better Outcomes with a Single Vendor for Multiple IT Services

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The last two years have seen IT rise to the challenge of rapidly supporting new ways of working and collaborating, both in-office and remotely. Forward-looking organizations are rethinking how they deploy and optimize IT resources, and a growing percentage are turning to trusted partners for help. New IDC research examines how organizations are moving important PC-related IT functions to trusted service partners to improve their organizations’ resiliency, enhance business processes, and improve employee experiences. Moreover, the research shows that organizations that buy multiple services from a single vendor often reap the largest benefits. Find out now the key findings from IDC’s analysis, based on a multi country survey and in-depth interviews.
IDC’s business value model demonstrates that there are benefits in user experiences and customer experiences as well as significant cost savings to be had from both buying multiple services and buying services from a single source. While the benefits increased when adding more services, a more significant impact was seen by those organizations that relied on a single PC services provider rather than multiple providers .
Review Report from Dell Technologies and Intel®


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