Key Considerations for Building a Salesforce DevOps Testing Strategy

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Salesforce sits at the heart of the enterprise. Today, it has become a foundational tool that supports numerous critical business processes. To that end, most enterprises have a fairly complex Salesforce environment that includes a variety of customizations and partner integrations via the Salesforce AppExchange. Ultimately, Salesforce integrates with and gets data from a multitude of other systems within the enterprise to become the true “Customer 360” platform. This setup powers valuable outcomes to help organizations grow, but the complexity of it also creates a unique set of challenges. Specifically, today’s Salesforce environments involve a lot of moving parts: There’s a lot that can change, and it can change quite frequently. Keeping up with these changes is the only way to continue increasing value for end-users on a regular basis, but doing so proves difficult because of all of the moving parts. However, there is a way to keep pace with these changes and efficiently deliver value to users; it centers around aligning Salesforce testing with DevOps release processes to create an environment in which “Customer 360” meets “Quality 360.” This paper will explore the unique considerations of doing so, what achieving this alignment requires, and what to expect after embracing this approach.


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