Hybrid Work: Why it’s time to move your on-premises PBX to the cloud

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It’s clear that the future workforce will be hybrid, with some workers in the office, some working remotely, and some a combination of the two. And with these rapidly changing needs, businesses realized just how vital the cloud is to flexibility and agility. For years, the shift to cloud-based communications services was gradual, with some organizations going full force and others cautiously dipping their toes. This all changed in 2020 as employees moved en masse to work from home (WFH), bringing their business phone systems and other communication tools along with them. Of course, organizations that already had their workflows in the cloud were poised for such a change. Employees simply took their work home, keeping operations afloat and staying productive throughout the pandemic. Now that businesses are returning to work, the question becomes: what role will the cloud play in the future of work?


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