How To Complement CNC Production With HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

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CNC equipment usually requires qualified operators, as setting up and maintaining the equipment can be complex and the cutting program to produce parts needs to be created in advance in specific CAM software. Before starting to manufacture a part, certain set-up operations are required for CNC machining. A cutting program that directs the cutting tool must be created, and the proper cutting tool and raw material fixtures must be placed in the machine as well. For these reasons, parts are normally produced sequentially in batches, one part at a time.
HP Multi Jet Fusion enabled SIGMADESIGN to:
• Print continuous airflow channels within the part, that were just not possible with CNC machining       processes, reducing air leakage and improving part performance
• Optimize the part’s geometry–previously constrained due to CNC production–to work within a defined   space, preventing collisions with other moving parts
• Reduce the cost of the part by 68%8 versus the original design

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