Get Visibility Into Brand and Business Risks to Digital Assets With FortiRecon Brand Protection

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There are enough cybersecurity concerns for most CISOs, CSOs, and security operations teams to manage today. But what of the cyber-related risks to a brand that go beyond the typical scope of security concerns or coverage? Assessing these digital risks is an important extension of the enterprise security architecture and of a company’s secure digital footprint. CLOs, CMOs, risk and compliance, and other executives may need to take swift action in these “extended” areas of concern outside of the traditional security posture. Part of the Fortinet Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution, FortiRecon Brand Protection provides a brand specific view of threats that enables organizations to get early warnings of brand and reputation risks, such as credential breaches, typosquatting and defacements, rogue applications, harmful social media posts, brand impersonation, phishing, and other digital risks. ISSQUARED® helps organizations to reduce that gaps in security operations by designing programs and solutions that complement our customer’s existing team and infrastructure, to provide a complete response to today’s threats. Our consulting, professional and managed services are designed to meet a wide range of needs, and respond to the vast number of threats that organizations face every day.

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