Extend Data Streaming to Your Public Cloud Infrastructure

Global digitization has resulted in a vast array of new products and services with such high levels of convenience that it fuels a continuous loop of greater expectations for the immediacy of data insights. This means that business opportunities that directly impact revenue or boost operational efficiency need to be addressed in near real-time.

Great value comes from comparing “right now” with “the recent past” and “a full history of events.” That is what enables enterprises to analyze past behaviors to predict events, gain insights faster, and immediately address opportunities or potential risks. Seamless integration and analysis of real-time events from the edge to the enterprise, in conjunction with stored and operational data across on-premises and public cloud data environments, is critical to business success. That is the approach that enables organizations across a variety of industries to make the most of their data, including:

Manufacturers that keep humming with predictive maintenance
Retailers that restock inventory or replenish proactively
Utilities that prevent power outages
Telecoms that deliver continuous Quality of Service
Financial Services companies that reduce cyber threats


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