Cloud-native Security Maturity: Using Security to Drive Software Development Efficiency

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As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-native development, they are at various stages of building their security programs to meet the needs of dynamic environments and faster software development cycles. As cloud-native technologies and application components continue to evolve, security teams need to implement the right security technologies, programs, and processes to mitigate risk. ESG surveyed 1,000 cybersecurity professionals knowledgeable about development practices and outcomes at their organizations to learn about the maturity of their security programs and whether they had measurable benefits across different areas. By looking at how these organizations are securing their applications and their underlying platforms, what tools they are using, how they are gaining organizational alignment, and what they are doing to leverage controls, ESG was able to rank their cloud-native security maturity. Then, ESG was able to evaluate whether more mature security programs impacted security posture, development cycles, and business outcomes. Assess how organizations are securing their cloud-native environments and the maturity of their programs. Explore how mature security programs affected security program effectiveness, software development, and business outcomes. Gauge the outcomes and business value organizations achieve with stronger security programs in place. Validate that security programs drive efficiency across the software development lifecycle, resulting in higher product revenues.


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