Analyzing The Economic Benefits Of Google Chronicle Security Analytics Platform

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Never before has it been so critical for security teams to effectively secure the infrastructure for an increasingly remote workforce while they themselves may have limited physical access to on-premises resources. Those organizations that can deploy their security analytics and operations in the cloud are in a better position to continue to provide a secure infrastructure to the business. ESG confirmed the savings that can be realized by a security organization leveraging Google Chronicle to collect and analyze any and all security telemetry data.
ESG confirmed that Google’s pricing model combined with Google’s economies of scale provide significant cost savings for organizations while increasing their probability of finding advanced persistent threats and improving the fidelity of forensic investigations. ESG’s modeled scenario predicted that a large enterprise organization can expect to spend anywhere from 3.9 to 6 times less for Google Chronicle than alternative cloud-based or onpremises security analytics platforms to analyze security telemetry data at scale. The TCO advantage may be much greater as Google Chronicle uses a single global price and costs do not change based on location.


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