7 Surprising Tax Facts that Impact Your Directto- Consumer Strategy

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“Businesses will soon start dropping the “e” from the term eCommerce. With COVID-19 pushing more shopping into digital channels over the last two years, retail has predominantly moved online. Brands are working around the clock to adjust their business models to address these shifting touchpoints.
The direct-to-consumer (DTC) evolution is further forcing brands to integrate their multiple channels like never before. The rise of omnichannel shopping creates greater tax complexity for brands, exposing them to issues they may have never had to tackle before. Each channel carries its own unique tax challenges.
Download this checklist to discover:
• The impact COVID-19 has had on accelerating the digital retail revolution
• The seven surprising tax facts that can help you face tax challenges head-on
• Ways indirect tax automation can keep you compliant and let you focus on the opportunities ahead”


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