3 Proven Ways to Fix the Disconnects in Today’s Multi- Channel ShoppingJourney

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“Today’s retailers realize how important it is for them to fix the “disconnects” in today’s shopping journeys, but many are discovering how difficult that can be with separate legacy systems controlling key business operations.
Additionally, these types of siloed tech stacks make it just about impossible for a retailer to get a holistic view of its various commerce points, as well as its overall business. For example, without a single version of the truth about inventory levels — one that can be shared with all commerce points in real-time — retailers can’t be confident that items they believe are in a store, warehouse, or in transit actually are there. That leads to broken customer promises and requires maintaining high levels of safety stock for fast-moving products. This e-book explores ways that midsize retailers can bring all their commerce points together under a single
the operating platform, streamlining key processes. Download the e-book to reveal:
• The pitfalls of siloed tech stacks
• How Vertex solutions can simplify tax compliance no matter how many different product types, geographies,
and jurisdictions are involved
• The benefits of a unified approach without requiring huge technology investments”


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