Top 10 Capabilities that Organizations Need in a Secure Email Gateway

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“Email has become one of the most common and successful attack vectors for cybercriminals. The combination of new threats and the need for enhanced protection is driving the adoption of cloud-based secure email gateways (SEGs), including email itself, are moving to the cloud.The best, cloud-based SEGs provide multiple forms and layers of protection against email-borne threats. Unlike
with many older email security products, these solutions’ defensive capabilities protect against much more than
broadly distributed threats that arrive with incoming mail. They protect against data exfiltration and domain
spoofing, analyze URLs and file attachments, deliver threat intelligence, and much more. Given how many attacks
are email-based, cloud-based SEGs are a key foundational component of a strong cyber defense.
Strong email security can have broad positive impact on an organization. Everyone uses email – including
attackers. So, deploying email protection benefits many parties: users, help desk, compliance, SecOps/IT Ops,
executives, and legal, to mention a few. It is critical that the SEG meet the needs of all those groups, and so”


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