The ThirdParty Data Deprecation Playbook

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Today, consumer privacy regulation and the death of the third-party cookie are impacting virtually every industry and every facet of the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. While the conversation spiked recently following Google’s decision to delay third-party cookie deprecation until 2023, efforts to give individuals greater power over their personal information date as far back as 2011, when the EU Directive known as the Cookie Law went into effect. The Directive gave individuals the right to refuse the use of cookies that reduce their online privacy—and marked the start of an accelerating trend that is only expected to intensify for years to come. Download the ebook to learn how you can successfully navigate the ongoing changes in the privacy-first era. You’ll discover:
• The four tools you need in your third-party data deprecation playbook
• How a customer data platform (CDP) enables you to execute on the playbook
• What companies like VF Corporation, HEINEKEN USA, and others are doing to make the transition now


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