The Secret to Effective Onboarding It Takes Longer Than You Think

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While onboarding processes vary from business to business and even between industries, there are several general guidelines that can help improve employee engagement, retention, and the success of onboarding.
A standardized onboarding process increases new hire retention by at least 50%. And when a business provides a great onboarding experience, 69% of employees are more likely to stay for at least three years. But despite the benefits of an employee-focused onboarding process, many businesses fail to deliver a good experience. Most new hires expect to complete more than 50 tasks in their onboarding process—with a focus on new hire paperwork and administrative hurdles. This aligns with what 58% of organizations report—their onboarding programs are focused on processes and paperwork. And the length of most onboarding programs? Only 37% of businesses say their programs last for more than 30 days.
Developing an effective onboarding strategy and onboarding timeline takes time and effort. But retaining new hires and high-performing employees on your team is worth it. Read on to learn how long onboarding should take and ten tips for making it count.


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