The Rise of the Talent Intelligence Platform

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Recruiting is an important and complex function. In a growing economy, your company “becomes the people you hire,” so your ability to find, attract, and select the best candidates is critical. Despite the pandemic, recruiting is again becoming a challenge. In January 2021 more than 15 million jobs were open in the U.S., up almost 13% from one year ago. Our pandemic response study showed that companies that hired well in 2020 have significantly outperformed their competition. If you are the head of recruitment, you know that the tech market is filled with a never-ending parade of new recruiting tools. The head of talent acquisition of a Fortune 50 is contacted by approximately 10 vendors every single day, all trying to sell some type of solution to address recruiting challenges. Many of these solutions promise to leverage AI to find perfect applicants by weeding through thousands of resumes to find the needle in the haystack. In fact, candidate matching technology, originally based on scoring candidates for job fit by matching words in their resumes, has evolved out of necessity as resumes become briefer and job descriptions rapidly change.


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