Make the Case for Better Onboarding with These 10 Stats

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If you thought the wave of resignations that began in 2021 was slowing, think again. According to a recent survey of 2,500 U.S. workers, nearly half plan to look for a job in 2023—including 60% of Gen Z workers and 56% of millennials.
In some cases, discontent started during the recruitment process. More than half of candidates (56%) say unclear or unreasonable job responsibilities would cause them to walk away from an opportunity.
This aligns with BambooHR’s most recent research into employees’ earliest days at their jobs. After a new hire accepts a job offer, a positive onboarding process can help them feel included, motivated, and confident in their decision—while a negative experience can send them running for the door. But despite the critical importance of onboarding, just 12% of employees believe their employer’s onboarding process is adequate or successful.
To understand where companies are missing critical opportunities to engage—and retain—new hires, we gathered 10 onboarding statistics that reveal what workers really want.
Read on to learn how to improve your onboarding process in 2023.


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