Employees leave bosses, not organizations

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Explore the 7 challenges facing every professional service firm – and how they all link back to inadequate HR and HCM technology. Service businesses all have one thing in common: they trade on expertise and skill. And whether your people give strategic advice, optimize resource usage, help businesses increase efficiency, or recruit and manage talent, you likely face similar challenges when executing your projects. We believe these challenges are best understood as people challenges. To help you understand why, we’ve compiled this short paper on 7 of the most pressing challenges facing project teams in service-based industries. Read it to learn: Why people problems lead to productivity loss (as much as $5tn per year across all service industries.) Why overcoming challenges means improved employee engagement (and why this means a 21% improvement to profitability.) How to start solving the common challenges in project-based working by reframing them as people challenges.


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