Crowdsourced revolution: Drive growth with employee upskilling

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Discover what it takes to develop a culture of learning and engagement Most leaders understand the importance of investing in digital upskilling. But it’s not enough to implement a new learning platform and expect skills to appear automatically. In order for an enterprise upskilling initiative to succeed, it’s important to create a culture where learning and innovation are celebrated and encouraged. A solution that can adapt to different needs, skill levels and learning preferences can help you do just that. What can you do to set your organization up for learning success? The Crowdsourced revolution guide will show you: How to help people build skills by using them in real-world practice environments How function- or role-based learning engages employees with credentials, social sharing and more What to look for in an upskilling platform and how to find one that fits your needs Find out how a crowd-sourcing environment, where people are able to share their skills with each other, can help solve real problems—and deliver measurable results.


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