How to avoid a data breach

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A data breach can happen to any business; even tech giants like Facebook and SolarWinds aren’t immune. However, you can reduce the risk and mitigate the impact of a data breach by closing the security gaps created by your biggest vulnerability: passwords and secrets.
Fast-paced development cycles, ever-expanding IT ecosystems, and a permanent shift to hybrid work
environments mean countless new vulnerabilities and less oversight, while online threats continue to evolve by the day. Preparing for the possibility of a data breach starts with one simple thing – stronger and better-managed company secrets, created and secured with a password manager like 1Password.
This guide shows how to adopt a holistic approach to online security and the simplest, most effective ways to protect your organization

When it comes to organizational standards for passwords, two questions to consider for your policy are
whether or not they are strong enough to thwart potential hackers, and will employees actually follow them?
Because if they’re too weak, your company will still be exposed. And if they’re too complicated, many
employees will shrug their shoulders and continue to use weak passwords or re-use the same password for all of their corporate devices and accounts.
If you’re struggling to find that balance, or not sure where to begin, this guide will help.

In this piece, we cover how global brands are using location discovery data to:
find physical locations/products
verify physical locations/products
generate insights within a region/radius


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