The Age of Precision Category Management

Today, shoppers expect seamless shopping experiences, and it’s critical for CPG companies and retailers to deliver the right product assortment. Many retailers fall short in harnessing the true potential of technologies such as artificial intelligence and modern approaches in machine learning and data science for effective localization of assortment and space planning. This is where HIVERY’s AI solution comes in.

In this report, Coresight Research analyzes key industry trends and discusses how CPG companies and retailers can achieve the goal of customer-centricity through the hyper-localization of assortment. We consider challenges in using data and assortment planning, as well as the skills required to succeed in retail category management. Get to know more about the AI-and DS-powered solution by HIVERY, which harnesses store-level data for category management optimization.

Discover how to achieve the goal of customer-centricity through the hyper localization of assortment.

Download the report now and learn:

  • How DS & ML can precisely target the right assortment to the right shopper at the right place and at the right time to drive incremental sales
  • How both retailers and CPG companies can achieve shopper-centricity through the hyper-localization of product assortment & space
  • How to make smarter decisions by spending less time thinking about what to sell in what stores
  • How to orchestrate effective and rapid retailer-supplier collaboration.
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