Set Your Data in Motion with Confluent and Apache Kafka

Your business needs access to data in motion. The companies most successful in meeting the demanding expectations of today’s customers are running on top of a constant supply of real-time event streams and continuous real-time processing. Powered by data-driven operations, they’re delivering real-time, personalized customer experiences and opening new business models for revenue generation. If you aspire to join the ranks of those capitalizing on data in motion, all you have to do is choose a place to start. This ebook, “Set Your Data in Motion with Confluent and Apache Kafka®,” will help light the way. You’ll learn: The context: Understanding where Confluent, Kafka, and event streaming fit into your business Your first use case: Learn about the most common first use cases with Kafka including event-driven microservices, streaming ETL pipelines, or development of a customer 360° platform The platform: Build and launch faster with a fully managed, cloud-native service for Kafka Resources for success: Work with high confidence leveraging with an endless supply of developer assets, in-product tutorials, expert support, and more Ready to bring the power of data in motion to your business? This is the place to start.


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