Cost and Capacity Considerations on Using CGNAT for Regional and Rural Service Providers

Bridging the digital divide to provide broadband connectivity to underserved communities is an economic and technical challenge for service providers across the globe. Worldwide, this urgent need has resulted in many government-led funding initiatives to spur the build-out of these communities. One critical capability that can add unexpected cost is the need for IP addresses for subscribers. Download this report to learn how CGNAT allows for the oversubscription of IPv4 addresses so that one address can serve many subscribers. This enables cash-strapped rural and regional service providers to extend existing IPv4 investments and minimize the cost of additional IPv4 addresses. In this report you’ll discover: How much the needed IPv4 addresses cost How many connections a single IPv4 address can support How much can IPv4 blocks be extended with CGNAT How can existing IPv4 blocks be leveraged Cost and capacity analysis for service providers Real-world Rural Broadband case studies.


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