Your Guide to Application Security Solutions

“Every company is now a software company. Companies of all sizes in all industries are churning out applications more rapidly than ever in order to move faster; better communicate with customers, prospects, and partners; and differentiate themselves in this digital world. To keep pace, organizations are not just developing more apps, but also buying more and supplementing their code more often with open source libraries. In the end, every organization is dependent on applications, and if these applications are insecure and at risk, so is the business. Yet information security has not kept pace with this new software-driven world. Traditional defenses are proving inadequate in this environment. As users and applications become the risk focal point, there are no hard and fast perimeter security professionals who can put a wall around them. Consequently, application layers remain insufficiently secured. In fact, application-layer attacks are now the most frequent pattern in confirmed breaches ( Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report). And as this threat intensifies, so do the security regulations organizations have to understand and comply with. In this new landscape, application security becomes key”.


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