Wi-Fi 6: The (Much) Bigger Picture

With over 150 Wi-Fi 6 CERTIFIED™ devices already, it’s time to start preparing your network for Wi-Fi 6! It is widely expected that 2020 will see an increasing number of businesses refresh their networks with Wi-Fi 6 access points to prepare themselves to support the soaring device densities and performance needs of employees, guests, and customers.

Download this “Wi-Fi 6: The (Much) Bigger Picture” White Paper by the Farpoint Group to learn:

Challenges facing many enterprises, like you, and how Wi-Fi 6 has the potential to help new features and enhancements in the new Wi-Fi standard how to get the most out of Wi-Fi 6 with AI, analytics, advanced management, automation, and assurance best practices for network design from AP placement, channel/RF configuration how to prepare the wired network.


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